This is my inaugural blog post for the site. I don't have much to say yet that I haven't already covered on the About page, but I have to make a post or my "Latest Post" feature on the home page produces an error (yes, I should fix that, no, I'm not going to).

In addition to this blog, I've also added a detailed page for each weather station, and sorting on the latest totals columns. If you click on a station name, it will drill down to a detailed page which includes a 90 day history for the station. Clicking a column header sorts by that column.

I've had some trouble with the history graphs from time to time. If it won't load (blank, or just a line at the bottom), you may have to wait a few minutes for the NOAA API to come back. My next work item for the site is to make the 90 day history scrape be part of the error-checked hourly update so that I can serve the history graph quickly and reliably. Until then, just hit F5 :)

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