This site is a personal project by myself, Dana Cartwright, with up-to-the-hour snowfall totals for U.S. cities. You can learn more about me from my LinkedIn profile.

I began this site because I am obsessed with snow (as many Syracuse denizens are), and I was frustrated by having to wait for the webmaster of Golden Snow Globe to manually update the snow totals. (Note: He is also from East Syracuse - I do not know him personally, but it is not a coincidence that snow websites are all run by people from Syracuse).

For any general questions or comments, or to report a missing city or incorrect reporting, you can email me at Be advised that this website's data is only going to be as good as the data I get from NOAA's RCC ACIS system. In particular, snowfall reporting is a manual process, so sometimes the data is just incomplete or incorrect (rain gauges are often automated now, but as far as I'm aware no one has ever improved upon the good old snow board and a measuring stick).